Las Peñas Neighbourhood

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The second oldest quarter in Requena, it was created after the Christian reconquest and the ensuing removal of the Arabic farmers and workers from La Villa.

After the occupation Christian of Requena and its land by Christian castellanos in 1239 and it award of the letter Puebla by Alfonso X of Castilla in 1257, part of the population Muslim that lived in the enclosure walled of the Villa, was displaced to a mound Rocky located to the North of the space fortified, known as them penalties. This site was developed a mudejar quarter of farmers and shepherds who retained their customs and Muslim religion for more than one century.

To half of the 14th century, coinciding with a long period of economic crisis and the emergence of the terrible epidemic of plague, began the pressures towards the Muslim population, forcing them into converting to Christianity or emigration to the Muslim Kingdom of Granada.

He made of the Christianization of Mudejar determined that is built a Hermitage in the penalties that, by their large proportions, us shows that the population of origin Muslim was numerous in this district.

This village was relatively separate of the Villa and, although without fortification defensive, is crowded them homes accommodating is to the irregularities of the ground. The farmhouse is encastilló building houses with their backs to the outside, giving its facades to a set of twisted and narrow alleys that can still be seen in the original part of the district, located in slope, at the foot of the Hermitage. Walking by this part of the rocks detected clearly the origin Muslim of this space.

It contrasts markedly with the eighteenth-century expansions that were built in the flat part that is behind the Chapel, with straight streets and the wide plaza of the race. Which the Hermitage of style mudejar is built in the century XIV and is dedicated to San Sebastian is must or coincides with the development of the deadly epidemic of the plague in this time. At san Sebastian, martyr Milanese, are you assigned, in the West European, the be lawyer or protective against this disease.

It says in the text of the joys which are still sung at your party in the month of January:

Martyr of unbeaten value

then enjoy de Dios the essence

in the plague and your medical condition

be our liberator.

The restoration of the Hermitage has returned their appearance purely Moorish, having preserved some of the eighteenth-century additions, notably the chapel of San Cayetano with graceful dome.

On the feast of San Sebastián de Las Peñas stand out, as traditional elements, bonfire of the night of the Halloween, with their rockets fight, collection cakes of bread blessed with its parade, music and Fireworks, and the "to" or auction of donations, as votive offerings to the Holy.

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